‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Asked If Officer Is ‘Justified in Using Lethal Force’ If Suspect Shoots First – Here’s His Reply


“Black Lives Matter” activist Deray McKesson refused to give a direct answer when asked if a police officer is justified in using lethal force is a suspect points a gun — and even fires it — at him or her.

He didn’t reply yes or no, rather responding to the question with another question.

“If someone killed your child, what would it take for you to say it was justified?” McKesson asked, according to the Daily Beast.

McKesson’s comment came after he also claimed that VonDeritt Myers Jr., who was shot and killed by St. Louis police after he reportedly opened fire on officers with a stolen gun, didn’t actually “shoot at police.”

“That’s a lie,” he said.

His evidence? McKesson reportedly claimed that the gunshot residue found on the suspect’s body could have been transferred by the officer as he patted down the suspect after the shooting.

Police also reportedly returned fire near Ferguson on Monday night after Tyrone Harris Jr. allegedly shot at officers during protests marking the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. McKesson wasreportedly among the dozens of protesters detained by officers on Monday night.

A St. Louis Police Department spokesman confirmed to TheBlaze on Tuesday that Harris was arrested in November on charges of stealing a car, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest by fleeing.


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