Watch the Moment Veteran Confronts Ferguson Protesters for Desecrating the Flag He ‘Fought’ to Protect

In a tense moment of confrontation, a military veteran let a Ferguson protester know that the flag getting stomped all over was the same flag he fought to protect.

Video of the demonstrators surfaced online after Indianapolis-based reporter Patrick Calvert tweeted it out on Monday. (Content warning — strong language.)

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‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Asked If Officer Is ‘Justified in Using Lethal Force’ If Suspect Shoots First – Here’s His Reply


“Black Lives Matter” activist Deray McKesson refused to give a direct answer when asked if a police officer is justified in using lethal force is a suspect points a gun — and even fires it — at him or her.

He didn’t reply yes or no, rather responding to the question with another question.

“If someone killed your child, what would it take for you to say it was justified?” McKesson asked, according to the Daily Beast.

McKesson’s comment came after he also claimed that VonDeritt Myers Jr., who was shot and killed by St. Louis police after he reportedly opened fire on officers with a stolen gun, didn’t actually “shoot at police.”

“That’s a lie,” he said.

His evidence? McKesson reportedly claimed that the gunshot residue found on the suspect’s body could have been transferred by the officer as he patted down the suspect after the shooting.

Police also reportedly returned fire near Ferguson on Monday night after Tyrone Harris Jr. allegedly shot at officers during protests marking the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. McKesson wasreportedly among the dozens of protesters detained by officers on Monday night.

A St. Louis Police Department spokesman confirmed to TheBlaze on Tuesday that Harris was arrested in November on charges of stealing a car, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest by fleeing.

Smart Meters mandated by government spontaneously exploding, setting off fires in private homes


In May 2015, at a residence in Dallas, Texas, the homeowner was not as fortunate when a Smart Meter fire broke out unexpectedly. Seventy-four-year-old James Humphrey, Jr. did not make it out alive when a faulty Smart Meter exploded and burned down his home without warning. Trapped in his bedroom, with heavy flames roaring around him, Humphrey Jr. was unable to escape and was found charred on the bedroom floor when firefighters located his body.

These stories are only the tip of the iceberg, representing multiple thousands of cases where Smart Meters have caused unexpected fires, burning down homes. PGE has reportedly replaced at least 70,000 faulty Smart Meters in Oregon. In Pennsylvania, PECO replaced at least 186,000 of the government mandated meters. What’s worse is that homeowners like Veronica Onyskiw who have experienced the Smart Meter fires first hand, are not getting a choice to have their old analog meters back.

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The corporate media is determined to portray Oath Keepers and others in Ferguson, Missouri who are helping residents and business owners protect their property as racist outside “instigators.”

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district, went on MSNBC this morning and characterized people helping protect property from looting as criminal instigators who have to be “taken out.”

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Michael Savage: Fox Working for Hillary, Megyn ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’

Talk Show host Michael Savage lambasted Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly Friday for her question to Donald Trump about his documented quotes about women, saying that it’s now clear that she’s “gone over to the dark side,” and saying her new stance is even changing her looks.

“It’s clear that Martha Washington (one of Savage’s nick names for her), Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch are working for Hillary Clinton,” the pundit said on The Savage Report  on Friday. “It’s as clear as a bell that ‘Mayhem Kelly’ has gone over to the dark side, and frankly her looks are changing.”